To ensure a safe environment and experience for everyone, all guests are subject to walk-through metal detector search.  Guests may be asked to remove certain items from their pockets prior to screening.


What items should I remove from my pockets before walking through the metal detectors?

Cell phones, cameras, eyeglass/sunglass cases, and other large metal objects should be removed prior to entry through the metal detector. Items such as most keys, belts, coins, wallets, watches and jewelry, shoes and jackets do NOT need to be removed prior to entry.

What if an alarm sounds when I am screened?

If an alarm sounds during screening, a secondary metal detector wand screening may be performed.

If I use a wheelchair, scooter or walker, do I still pass through the metal detectors?

Mobility devices may enter via the metal detector, or a wand screening may be performed upon request.

Are pacemakers or other medical devices affected by the metal detector equipment?

Metal detectors are safe for most medical equipment and devices. Guests may request a wand screening if they prefer.

If I am an expectant mother, do I have to pass through the metal detectors?

The metal detectors are safe for expectant mothers. However, guests may request a wand screening if they prefer.

What is the screening policy for children?

All guests, regardless of age, are subject to search. Parents with infants or small children may proceed through the metal detectors with their children.

Saturday | Nov. 6th , 2021


inhale (exhale) tour with Micah Tyler

Event Starts 7:00 PM