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Located just inside the Main West entrance of venue, the State Farm Center Icons by Jansky installation colorfully brings to life some of the many legendary musicians, athletes, and artists who have shared their talents with the Champaign-Urbana community in this historic setting.  

The initial artists and athletes on display represent the diversity of memories made at State Farm Center, formerly know as the Assembly Hall, since 1963.  In time, the installation will be expanded to include new Icons, chosen with the help of the public.  Below is more information about the Icons currently on display and about John Jansky, the local artist who brought the display to life.  


Entertainment Icons

Fighting Illini Basketball Icons

About the Artist

John Jansky presents Lou Henson portrait during game.John Jansky

John is a self-taught artist and performance painter based out of Danville. His first show was in Champaign and shortly after he was performing in front of crowds of 4,000 people. After posting videos and photos of his work to social media, he quickly became a sought-after performer for engagements all over the country. He has performed at the annual Red Hot Winter event, Illini Basketball halftime, and additional benefits, concerts, and charitable events. His dynamic pop art portraits are painted and completed in under eight minutes. 

"Many of the musicians that have performed at the State Farm Center were the soundtrack to my life and influenced me to want to be an entertainer. It makes sense to display Jansky Art paintings in the very venue that created the memories and emotion that inspired me to become a live art entertainer rather than a traditional art gallery. To have my art on display in such an iconic location is beyond what I had ever imagined. I hope that my art adds to the exciting and creative atmosphere of the State Farm Center as well as inspires someone else to live their dreams."

John Jansky


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